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Our Process

We recognize the need to employ top notch food safety standards in our processes, especially given the perishability of our products and the huge human health implications that are involved. This is why we are constantly improving our processes to align them with food safety requirements. Our products are with delivered with optimal freshness. Our strategic location, perhaps the closest to the farms and farmers in the industry gives us an advantage which translates into better (packed-product) freshness with minimal raw material and final product handling and the shortest turnaround times. Our partnership with the most reliable handling agents in terms of both capacity and service delivery guarantees professional handling of our products, preservation of the cool chain and protection of the integrity of our products. In the spirit of continuous improvement, our workers undergo constant training, details of which are availed to our customers and other stake holders upon request. This is how we manage to simplify the seemingly complicated Global Food safety requirements. It also helps us maintain an effective, reliable and competitive seed to sales process. All our products are tested against EU MRL requirements at least once annually. These results are availed for our customers and other stakeholders upon request.

The Best of Elmas

-Why you should work with elmas-

Diamond Experience

Because we take time to understand the uniqueness and dynamics of each individual customer, we have made it a culture to put together customer – specific products; everything from what we supply to how we supply.

Innovative Solutions

It’s never enough; better is always possible, so we do not have a simple pack and supply loop. Behind the scenes, we are always busy rethinking the process, considering new and better ways to deliver.

Value for Food

It matters that we are handling food. That’s why we do more than take caution and get certifications. We make the motives behind food safety regulations to be our values. That way, we do everything possible to deliver safe food, simple as that.

Price Advantage

We understand how uncompetitive, prices in the market can be. So we worked out a solution that would ultimately enhance our customers’ competitiveness. Tired of price instability in the market? Talk to us.