our story

-Discover our beautiful farm-

We are a coming together of a committed team, united in one vision, to develop, nurture and deliver the best of Africa's agriculture both locally and overseas, inspired by a teamwork culture and a drive to develop and equip our team to deliver top-notch products.

Having been in the industry since 2013 as a grower, processor and supplier of fresh products to various parts of the world, we have successfully picked up good momentum and made bold strides towards a bigger and more efficient scale of operation. We have served several customers in Europe and Asia, given them an excellent experience which they have kept coming back for. This is inspired by a philosophy of making our customers' business our business; and so ensuring that we deliver beyond expectation.

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/ Director Elmas Greens

Our Team

-We are the best team-

Our production and processing is managed by a team of young people who, besides their vast skills and experience, are passionate about the roles they play in our company and sufficiently able to implement our robust Quality Management System. We also work very closely with our growers, regarding them as a knit part of our company, having a shared vision with them and taking every stride with them, towards the realization of a common good and individual development of the entire team.